​What People are Saying About Their Experience


Shari Gaal is the physical therapist of choice for our family.  Our son, the baseball player, initially saw Shari for flexibility and balance exercises to help his performance and minimize the risk of injury.  He also saw her after twisting his ankle in a game; Shari was able to get him safely game-ready for a tournament the following weekend in which he hit an inside-the-park home run.  Our daughter has received PT from Shari to help her with her Irish Step dancing.  Injury prevention through physical therapy exercises and treatment has been an important part of her training and has helped her to qualify for the world championships twice.  My husband and I have also seen Shari for various muscle discomforts and weaknesses.  We have a file in our house of the exercises we have each received from her and to which we refer when we feel the need to work on those areas again.  Most recently, Shari introduced our son to an app that acts as a coach while he is doing his exercises.  The app served as a motivator for him, a reminder of proper execution, and helped him to be more consistent with completing his exercises.  Any one of our family would recommend Shari Gaal for your physical therapy needs.  In our experience, she is an expert in her field, professional, personable, attentive, and committed to the well-being of her clients.

Amy S.

As a former Division I athlete, my fitness level is very important to me.  I had maintained an active lifestyle of running, weightlifting and triathlons until a few years ago when I began to experience numerous injuries and physical issues.  Eventually I had debilitating migraines 1-2 times per week as well as various other shoulder and back pains that made it almost impossible to continue a steady workout routine.   I pursued treatment for these issues, but other physical therapists would only perform brief evaluations then recommend various forms of self- treatment (which I tried and did not work.)  Shari performed a comprehensive evaluation of me then created a personalized treatment plan.  She identified the direct cause of my migraines and has been able to decrease their frequency and severity dramatically.  I now only experience migraines once every few months.  Shari has also identified relationships between my migraines and other back and shoulder pains and is working toward eliminating the root cause of all of them. I have seen marked improvement of all these issues over recent months and have been able to resume a consistent cardio and weightlifting routine. The quality of treatment Shari provides is unparalleled by other therapists I have worked with.  Her personalized approach to evaluation and treatment is targeted and effective. I would recommend Shari to anyone who wants their injuries diagnosed and treated accurately and completely!

Mike B.

We are so grateful to have met Shari.  She truly cares about her patients and their families.  Over the years we have seen Shari for physical therapy for our children and family members to help them recover from sports injuries, surgeries and falls.  Shari has always made sure we were able to get in to see her quickly and would take the time to address any concerns we had until we could meet with her.  She has been flexible when setting up appointments with us and worked around our schedules.  Shari has helped to relieve my worries and anxieties as a parent when my children were injured and we can't say enough about how knowledgeable and caring she is.  We feel so lucky to have found Shari.  We would highly recommend her to anyone.

Tracey C.

After seeing another physical therapist for an issue I was having with my hip, I was recommended to see Shari from a friend. She took the time to ask all the right questions and went through an extensive evaluation of not just what was bothering me, but my entire body and how it moved. Seeing that my lack of mobility was a big part of the problem, she was able to address my injury right away. The other PT clinics I had been to, the therapist would assign exercises and leave me to myself to do them. With Shari, it's one on one personalized attention. You have her full attention for the duration of your visit, not sent off with someone else or worse yet, on your own. Shari has extensive knowledge of the human body, how it works, and how to correct it when it is not functioning properly. She truly has a gift and I am so fortunate to have found her.

Kristen R., Ultramarathon athlete

Shari was recommended to me by a co-worker when I was dissatisfied with my post-surgical rehabilitation at another local facility. Upon first meeting Shari, I was surprised at how comprehensive her initial evaluation was and was convinced immediately that I found the perfect Physical Therapist.  Shari guided me in getting full-range back into my knee and assisted with secondary issues from years of being imbalanced.  Her knowledge and approach to the client is individual and personal.  She treats the entire body, not just the acute injury.  I will always go to Shari for my physical therapy needs and highly recommend her.

Rebecca P.

After over a year of seeing various other physical therapists for the same issue and no progress being made, Shari was able to help me reach my training goals in only a few months. I went from barely being able to run 20 minutes without pain, to being able to run over an hour and having my best triathlon race season yet including a personal PR. Shari is very thorough in her assessment of you to get to the root cause of the problem. She is committed and focused on helping you on an individual case-by case basis rather than having to split your appointment time with other patients as I have experienced with other physical therapy offices. She is also very flexible with appointments and was able to accommodate my work schedule to see me later in the evening. After I was discharged she gave me some tips and exercises to prevent my pain from coming back in the future. I would highly recommend Shari to any athlete or person seeking physical therapy.

Julia J., Triathlete

I have seen Shari for a few different post-op rehabilitations, shoulder surgery and also knee surgery. During each of my visits the attention to detail and Shari's knowledge helped me rehab in the safest way possible. I have been to other local physical therapists and I felt like I was in an assembly line being worked on. There was nothing custom to my treatment and recovery. 

When I go to PUMA physical therapy and see Shari I am 100% confident the treatment I receive is customized to my specific needs. Shari does a great job of assessing my overall progress day to day and adjusts our treatment to match what I need that day to ensure long lasting results.

Ed T., Ironman Athlete

Shari Gaal at PUMA therapy helped our son after others could not.  He had a broken growth plate in his throwing shoulder.  We followed our doctor and a therapist's direction and after months it re-broke.  Then we met with Shari, she was able to help him heal and determine what was causing it to break. The use of interactive home therapy right on his phone really helped him do his exercises.  Now he is back after two years, playing football at the varsity level as a quarterback.  He can also throw from home to second as a catcher.  We can't thank her enough. 

The Bouchard's

I highly recommend Shari Gaal of PUMA Physical Therapy. Old injuries prevented me from making progress in my daily fitness routine. Shari was able to get to the bottom of my discomfort and provided effective treatments and follow up. She is caring and excellent at her profession. 

Karen G.

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as my highest recommendation of Shari Gaal and her abilities as a physical therapist.

Shari and I first met in 2008 when I was playing travel baseball through the (a local baseball academy). After I tore my Ulnar Collateral Ligament and had Tommy John Surgery in 2011, I called upon Shari to help me rehab my arm and knee so I could be ready to pitch at the collegiate level. Shari helped me to regain the range of motion in my elbow and strengthen the ligaments and tendons in my throwing elbow and shoulder. She also helped me strengthen my knee where the tendon was taken out of and enhance my overall strength in order to allow me to compete on a mound again. Shari worked with me for an hour a day, three days a week, over the course of three months. The direct results of Shari’s work allowed me to regain my velocity and compete at the collegiate level. Without her guidance and care, I would not have been able to bounce back from my injury and achieve my goal of playing baseball in college.

Shari is exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled at working with sports-related injuries. She is a very tough and driven individual that takes on her patients’ personal goals as her own. Shari is an enthusiastic professional. She is relentless with her rehabilitation in making sure that her patients are on track for their goals. Shari is very thorough and does not hesitate to communicate situations exactly how they are. Shari Gaal is an exceptional physical therapist.

Phillip Z., College Baseball Player

As you are well aware of, my wife and I were both frustrated with our physical limitations due to injuries. Not only did  you bring us back on course, but you did so with genuine caring and enough perseverance to help us recognize that we could indeed accomplish our goals. Our experience with physical therapy in the past, while not discouraging, was never as encouraging as with you. You are a great motivator. And while we hope we aren't injured in the future, we know where we'll go and appreciate knowing you are there for us.

Jeff C.

Hi Shari, and Coach Bryan and Ben, you will be glad (but not surprised I am sure) that my son made the Skaneateles Modified team this week. He is excited. One parent said he is definitely the best player in both 7th and 8th grades. Thank you for helping him achieve this level of play. Also, he finished the Middle School Musical last weekend. One parent during intermission commented on how confident and assured he looked on stage, even mentioning that his posture was great!! (I see u smiling Shari). Well, with that lead-in, I had to share about his PT work, how great Shari is and how great Bryan, Ben and all the coaches are at CNY Baseball Warehouse. He is definitely standing taller and we are so grateful to you, Shari, for your excellent work with him.
Amy S.


It is with a great deal of appreciation that I write you this letter. For the past two years, I have watched you diligently work with both of my teenage children. Your commitment to their overall health has been unwavering. “Thank you” does not express the level of gratitude that I have for your work ethic and professionalism.

Your preparation and skills have been on display each time we have come in for treatment. It’s never the same routine twice. Even more valuable, is your ability to educate the kids on the importance of the movements you are teaching.

The results have been remarkable and it’s easy to see why your approach is so effective. You have helped put both kids in the best position to be successful in their rehab. In my experience, that is what separates you from your competition. Thank you for everything.

Matt B.