​Decrease Risk of Injury And/Or Ensure You Are Ready to Return

PUMA Physical Therapy also specializes in treatment of athletes of all ages, including physical therapy as needed, but also injury prevention training and pre-participation screening. Our young athletes today are getting injured at an alarming rate for a variety of reasons. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist along with certifications in the Functional Movement Screen, Y-balance test, and Selective Functional Movement Assessment, I can effectively perform screens to help predict if you are at an increased risk of injury through the "eye-test" combined with results from the Move2Perform database.

Upper Quarter Y Balance Test

These screens are also recommended after injury to ensure an athlete is actually safe and ready to return to sport. Typically, an athlete will be released to return to their sport without an actual thorough assessment to determine if they are really ready to take on what they will experience on the field, on the court, through the trail, etc. Instead of the standard range of motion and resisted muscle testing which doesn't correlate well to actual sporting activities, the screens will assess for any remaining asymmetries in movement or compensations that leave that athlete at a higher risk of re-injury.


Lower Quarter Y Balance Test

The screens take approximately 30 minutes and you will get a printed handout on the results, including your level of injury risk, exercises to help reduce any limitations or asymmetries, and how you rate among others in your age group who participate in the same sport or activity. Overall, it will take approximately 45 minutes and you will walk away with more knowledge regarding your body, any increased risk you may have of injury and how you could help lower your risk if necessary.

FMS Inline Lunge