​Always One-On-One

Together, we will work to find the true cause of your symptoms, not just put a band-aid on them so they return in 6 months. We will communicate and I will guide you through so you get a full understanding of what is going on and what you can do to prevent the symptoms from returning. Remember, the sooner you address your complaints, typically the faster you will recover.


  • One hour, one-on-one
  • I will ask you questions about what brings you in and what your goals are with Physical Therapy
  • Thorough, full body evaluation of movement, range of motion, balance, and strength testing as needed
  • Review with you the results of the evaluation
  • I will make sure you understand everything; ask questions throughout as you think of them
  • Treatment which can consist of manual therapy, exercises, massage or modalities to calm the symptoms, postural education and behavior modification, among other interventions, depending on your individual needs
  • I will provide you with an individualized home exercise routine 
  • ​Schedule follow up appointments as needed

No one person is the same and no pain is the same. You will be treated as an individual and your goals will be my goals. As needed, we will schedule follow up appointments, typically 1-2x/week, for a time slot that is appropriate. Some people will only require a 15 minute follow up and others 45 minutes, depending on what your needs are at that time. Typically, as we go along in sessions, they will get shorter and be less frequent assuming you are compliant with your home exercises.

Sessions Can Consist of: 

  • Range of Motion, Strengthening, and Flexibility Exercises
  • Sport-Specific Activities as Appropriate
  • ​Manual Techniques including massage, joint mobilization, deep tissue mobilization
  • Modalities including ultrasound, electrical stim
  • ​Kinesiotaping
  • ​Postural Education and Behavior Modification
  • ​Advancement of Home Exercise Program
  • ​Repeat screens to ensure progress is being made

Again, each of these follow up sessions will also be one-on-one and individualized to meet your needs and progress toward your goals.